Why prayer?

Prayer (in Hebrew, “tefillah”) is one of the pathways to the Divine Presence. Our tradition views prayer as a sacred obligation. Tefillah strengthens the community, and fills individual spiritual needs.

There is great power in prayer. Tefillah (prayer) can bring:

  • feelings of uplift and joy
  • gratitude and thanksgiving for life’s blessings
  • renewal of emotional, intellectual, and physical energy
  • comfort to one distressed and in pain
  • insight to one seeking aswers
  • clarity of vision to one seeking a path out of chaos and confusion
  • healing to a broken spirit
  • motivation to find God’s Presence through acts of tikkun olam (the repair of our world).
  • connection with the Presence of God – to that which is greater than ourselves, the spirit that binds the universe together from the tiniest atoms to the farthest reaches of the cosmos.

(c) Rabbi Emeritus Gary S. Fink

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