Sisterhood: Who We Are

Sisterhood began in 1968 as a woman’s group within The Jewish Congregation of Laurel (as it was called at that time).  Membership was and still is open to any woman, regardless of whether she is Jewish or a member of the Congregation.

Originally, we were the sole fundraising arm of the congregation that raised money by holding rummage and bake sales, casino nights, art auctions, creating the Gift Shop, holiday Gift Wrapping at Laurel Mall, producing annual plays and dinner theaters and many other events. We also offered educational programs and acted as ambassadors of good will for a tiny, very active synagogue. At that time it seemed that every female member of the synagogue was also a very active member of the Sisterhood clamoring to be elected to the Sisterhood Board.

Through these efforts, past and present, we have raised more than $50,000 toward the kitchen in our “new” building, paid for new Torah covers, our prayer books, a new bema table, and have met our monetary pledge to the synagogue every year.  We also lend support and give numerous contributions to the Social Action Committee efforts such as  LARS, Winterhaven,  Elizabeth House, Children’s Hospital Juvenile Cancer Fund,   University of  Maryland Hospital AIDs Clinic, Jewish Social Service Agencies and many others.  We provide the Onegs after Friday night services and the wine and Challah Kiddush after Saturday morning services. It is also our pleasure to present a lovely gift to each Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

As the years have gone by, most of our female members have joined or rejoined the workforce. Some members have moved away or found other activities. Some younger members think of a Sisterhood as being an “older” persons’ group. To change that image, we now invite all congregants, including men and adult children to most of our programs which cover a broad range of interests.

Sisterhood continues to ask for input from everyone regarding activities you would like to see us sponsor and get involved in. Please contact Carolyn Makovi 301-236-4411, if you have ideas, comments or suggestions. We also welcome all new female congregation members with a free year of Sisterhood membership. Membership is free and open to members and nonmembers.

Gift Shop

We have an exciting new line of gifts for every age and occasion from toys and jewelry to CDs and books. Our Gift Shop has some sample items to browse. We offer special Jewish and secular gifts for baby showers, b’nei mitzvah, weddings, birthdays and holidays.

Hours: Sun, 10 am – 12 noon , other times by appointment. Just call the office for more information.  301-498-5151

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