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  • From Gershwin to Jolson to Goodman to The Beastie Boys to Craig Taubman to Kinky Friedman to Pinchas Zuckerman to Robert Zimmerman to Adam Sandler to Marilyn Horn to the Brighton Beach night spots, there’s something out there for everybody! Did you know how influential Klezmer was on blues and jazz?
  • At  the Jewish Music Web Center, you can research Jewish Music, find other Web resources & events & reviews, academic, organizational, and personal activities in Jewish music today.
  •  All About Jazz.
Interfaith Issues
  • The Jewish Community Center of San Francisco (415-292.1252) has good discussions on issues such as:
    • Where may we talk to other couples like ourselves?
    • Why is everyone raising the interfaith issue?
    • Which holidays will we celebrate?
    • How shall we raise our children?
    • Will we ever feel accepted by each others’ families?
  • The Jewish Outreach Institute in Baltimore has a guide for the intermarried
  • Interfaith Families: Has a bi-weekly “webzine.” What you’d find:
  • Honoring Your Extended Family: My husband and I would like our children to receive only Hanukkah presents this year. How do we tell our in-laws without hurting their feelings? Parenting Interfaith Kids: This doesn’t seem fair. I agreed to raise the children Jewish, but as the non-Jewish partner it seems as if I’m making all the compromises! How do others feel?
  • The Jewish Communication Network has an intermarriage forum. This is “… a growing page about interfaith marriage, specifically … between Christians and Jews .. to provide resources, links, information and a sense of hope and belonging to interfaith couples browsing the web in search of these things.” They have discussions, a “bookstore”, readings, and links. A good resource.
  • Dawn Lipthrott’s links on Jewish spirituality
    Includes sections on: prayer/mediation, Torah commentaries, learning Talmud, Jewish Mystical teachings, Jewish renewal, Halacha, Jewish calenders, and classic texts in Hebrew
  • Jewish Identify Launcher
    Includes sections on: identity/philosophy, religion, Zionism, calendar and holidays
  • Jewish Education New York: The Skirball Center for Adult Jewish Learning in Temple Emanu-El in New York City offers a variety of Jewish classes to New
    area residents. Courses include Jewish education, the history of Jews in NYC, study of Jewish texts and open discussions.
  • Book Available at
    • The Complete Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planner : An Indispensable, Money-Saving Workbook for Organizing Every Aspect of the Event…
    • Linda Seifer Sage Back of Beyond : A Bar Mitzvah Journey Dvora Waysman, et al / Paperback /Published 1996\
    • Bar Mitzvah Lessons ~ Martin Elsant / Paperback / Published 1995 For Kids–Putting God on Your Guest List : How to Claim the Spiritual Meaning of Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah ~ Jeffrey K. Salkin
    • Bar & Bat Mitzvah in Israel : The Ultimate Family Sourcebook Judith Isaacson
    • Bat Mitzvah: A Jewish Girl’s Coming of Age Viking, Barbara Diamond Goldin
    • But God Remembered: Stories of Women from Creation to the Promised Land – Sandy Eisenberg Sasso,
    • Jewish Lights (written by the first Reconstrucitionist woman
      Rabbi addresses the lack of good biblical stories for girls. Using the
      technique of midrash, telling a new story to explain another, Sasso expands on four biblical passages. Sasso develops full stories around barely-mentioned female figures, providing details that bring the characters to life)
    • Tell Me a Mitzvah : Little & Big Ways to Repair the World – Danny Siegel, (My
      favorite for project ideas) Kar-Ben Copies
    • Wendy Betts bibliography of Jewish book
  • Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, the first woman to be ordained by the Reconstructionist movement, has addressed the lack of good biblical stories for girls in “But God Remembered
  • Author-illustrator Mark Podwal retells an ancient legend in “Golem, a Giant Made of Mud” (unpaginated, Greenwillow Books, $15). The richly colored illustrations evoke the magical world of 16th-century Prague. The text tells the story of Rabbi Judah Loew, who befriended the emperor and was believed to have created a clay creature to protect the Jews.
  • Award-winning author Joan Nathan has updated her delightful 1987 cookbook, “The Children’s Jewish Holiday Kitchen: 70 Ways to Have Fun with Your Kids and Make Your Family’s Celebrations Special” (157 pages, Schocken, $18, illustrated by Brooke Scudder).
  • Fran Manushkin’s “Starlight and Candles: The Joys of the Sabbath” introduces younger readers to Shabbat with a simple story that includes most of the customs associated with the holiday. This book’s highlight is Chwast’s illustrations. Created with cutout paper and watercolor but reminiscent of graphic art from the ’30s and ’40s, they gently evoke Shabbat’s special colors and moods.
Bar/Bat Mitzvah
  • My favorite meta-search site is Enter ‘jewish international sports hall of fame’ you will find a ton of information – good enough for at least 50 projects.
  • Jewish International Sports Hall Of Fame:  Interesting stories.

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