Funeral Support

Support in Times of Grief

Information on support, services and funeral homes.

Hevrah Kaddisha

The Hevrah Kaddisha Program provides funeral support for congregants who have experienced the death of a loved one. When we face bereavement, it is so important for us as an extended family to reach out to each other. Fortunately, we have a dedicated group of people who are ready to work with the Rabbis to help handle the many details of funeral arrangements and bereavement.

Members of the Hevrah Kaddisha group coordinateshiva candle part of Oseh funeral support arrangements with the funeral home and help with the funeral service when it is conducted at Oseh Shalom. Hevrah Kaddisha members lead shiva services at the homes of congregants who are mourning the death of a loved one.

Some of the tasks take very little time — making phone calls, attending a shiva service, handling grocery shopping or preparing a meal. Other tasks are more involved — such as assisting with funeral details or leading shiva services. If you are interested in being part of our Hevrah Kaddisha Program in some way, please contact the synagogue office (301-498-5151) or John Riehl at 301-490-3645 e-mail:

Leading a Shiva Service: An Easy Guide to an Important Mitzvah

Learn how to lead an evening shiva service, so that you can give your support to fellow congregational members. Assisting a bereaved family is one of the most important mitzvot in Judaism. After the loss of a loved one, shiva is observed at the home of a family member.  People gather to express condolences and offer support. Usually, services are held at the “shiva house” in the evening, and are led by congregants, as well as our rabbi and cantor. If you are interested in helping to lead a shiva service or learning how to do so, please contact John Riehl 301-490-3645 e-mail:

Funeral Home Information

Oseh Shalom is a member of the Jewish Funeral Practices Committee of Greater Washington.  This consortium of congregations contracts for the provision of funeral services for our members at a very reasonable rate.  Ask for the basic orthodox funeral for a tasteful, simple casket. If you opt for extras, be sure to ask for price information as anything over what we have negotiated can become quite expensive. The Committee has engaged the Borgwardt Funeral Home of Beltsville, MD, to provide these basic services. Their telephone number is 301-937-1707. Ask for Ben Mathews at Borgwardt to coordinate services.  Please make a note of this telephone number.

When a death occurs, please contact Borgwardt Funeral Home and also contact Oseh Shalom so that we can provide necessary support: 301-498-5151

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