Supporting Oseh Just Got Easier!

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  • Do some of your shopping and eating out with SCRIPs. Order even 1 gift card a month from Kelly Benton-Klein or call 301-490-7764 to help Oseh.
  • Go to and tell Amabrickszon to send a percentage of your purchase to Oseh Shalom–No cost to you!
  • Sign up for A+ School Rewards from Giant Foods. Sign up grandma and other friends and relatives as well. Oseh’s School id number: 02475.
  • Make a forever memory for a B’nei Mitzvah, memorial or other event. Buy a brick on our path of peace: $180. For more info, call the office at 301-498-5151; email the office at
  • Save Box Tops for Education. If you buyBoxTop for education food, paper goods, plastic bags and more, you have Box Tops for Education!  Every little bit helps. Collect from grandma and other relatives too. Put a box in your office kitchen. Questions? Contact Kelly Benton-Klein or call 301-490-7764
  • Got an old car, truck or boat? Donate it Oseh and take a hefty tax savings
  • Check out our online Gift Shop for all your special events. Buy greeting cards, candles, kippot and more.Thanks you sincerely for your generosity.

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